semester reflection

This semester I feel like a learned a variety of things due to the multitude of different assignment types that I got to work on. I feel like this class was somewhat similar to the Intro to Digital Studies and Digital Approaches to Fine Arts I have taken before, however, I feel like I have… Continue reading semester reflection

multiverse tutorial

1. video(game) 5 stars In order to create this video, I used three primary programs. The first is The Sims 4. I recorded footage using the in-game recording feature. Because this saves as a .avi file, I then used VLC media player to convert it to the standard .mp4 format. After this, I edited the… Continue reading multiverse tutorial

digital multiverse

Reporting in to conclude the final week of Multidimensional Storytelling, I must describe an unusual and surreal experience that I had. The other day I fell asleep at my computer, and when I woke up, something seemed off. I looked straight ahead and saw my desk, which is normal, except the perspective was off. I… Continue reading digital multiverse

week 4 summary

This week was simultaneously more intensive and more laid back. While the number of assignments was lower overall, many of them were more intensive. I feel like everything we have learned thus far has culminated in preparation for this week. I feel like I learned a lot from Robert Eberts’s article, and have a better… Continue reading week 4 summary

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billions of gilliam

psycho, priceless good in a crisis working the angles oh, billions When I first saw this assignment, the first thing that came to mind was to use the song “Billions” by Caroline Polacheck. Though it doesn’t necessarily relate to hamsters, the song is full of lyrical contradictions which could create a good basis for a… Continue reading billions of gilliam

look, listen, analyze: (léon) the professional 

I chose the scene “One Minute Past” from Léon: The Professional (aka The Professional, aka Léon), a 1994 English-language French film written and directed by Luc Besson. looking: In the hallway, the men are centered to the left in the shots. There is also a top-down shot contiguous to a stretching movement. There are cuts to… Continue reading look, listen, analyze: (léon) the professional