are we there again? (design assignment ii)

Because this assignment is pretty similar to the chimeratic composition assignment I completed last week, I would probably not do this one if it were not required. The only difference is that I am including myself this time. My original idea for this was to edit a photo to make it look like I was on the moon but ended up going for something different because I included the moon in the already similar assignment from last week. That being said, I was inspired by the concept of playing with perspectives in addition to using buildings like I did last week. I wanted to create a concept inspired by the artist tsunotsuno, and their larger-than-life inflatable installations, which are usually shown in vacant city streets at night.

I originally planned to use a photo taken at night, as I thought the setting would work well, but I found this photo and thought it would be perfect:

This photo was originally taken almost two years ago at a prairie dog sanctuary in South Dakota, just outside the Badlands National Park. The sanctuary had a gift shop where you could buy peanuts to feed them. Surprisingly, most of them were generally uninterested in being fed peanuts, probably due to tourists feeding them all day long. The only chance of grabbing their attention was to open the peanuts for them, and even then, many could care less. This disinterest is well captured in the photo here, as a prairie dog runs out of frame while I hold out an unshelled peanut. While this photo tells its own story, I aim to reframe it to tell a different one.

The main reason I chose the photo of me leaning over was to recreate something similar to this tsunotsuno installation with the character sitting down.

I found this photo by DLKR from Pexels and thought the lighting and size of the street would be perfect. Here is the finished result:

While in the original photo it is clear that I am a normal size and trying to feed a disinterested prairie dog, I am now a giant and what I am doing is more up to interpretation. If you ask me, I am taking a picture of something or looking at something I found on the ground.

Tutorial time!

Since they are both pretty similar, you can follow the same steps that I did for my chimeratic composition, including using Lightroom afterward. The only thing that was really done differently is that while in photoshop I followed this tutorial in an attempt to create a shadow on the image of myself. I can’t say it was too successful, due to the angle and building walls, but I think it still somewhat helps blend things together.


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