billions of gilliam

psycho, priceless
good in a crisis
working the angles
oh, billions

When I first saw this assignment, the first thing that came to mind was to use the song “Billions” by Caroline Polacheck. Though it doesn’t necessarily relate to hamsters, the song is full of lyrical contradictions which could create a good basis for a ‘funny’ video. Additionally, ‘billions’ and ‘Gilliam’ form an imperfect rhyme so it is fitting.

I also had the idea to use ransom note letter stickers to have the lyrics on screen which turned out pretty cool but there is, unfortunately, a limit on the number of stickers you can use so I could only do part of them. As a result, the last two clips seem kind of empty, but I am still pretty happy with the outcome.


he’s worth billions to me 🫶 @Caroline Polachek #hamster #hamstertok

♬ Billions – Caroline Polachek

I don’t think a tutorial is needed, because using TikTok and creating videos on the platform is pretty self-explanatory. I selected the clips, added the song, added the stickers, and shortened the timing to each clip. A general rule of thumb when creating TikToks is to consider the video barriers on the platform, here is a template:


I saved the video to my phone using SnapTik and added the rest of the stickers I wanted on Instagram as a reel. The editing on there works similarly to TikTok but it is definitely better if you want to use a lot of stickers because it seems to let you use more. It is also easier to manage them as they are shown at the bottom of the screen while editing. Another benefit is that it shows the guidelines of the platform in the editor. If you want to make a ‘TikTok’ style video and don’t use the app but have Instagram. I don’t think that I am able to embed it but you can check it out here.


  1. Hey, Tara!
    This is so awesome. I love the choice of song and the stickers- it’s super creative and very fitting for having rodents as pets. (I used to have hamsters, and they can in fact be psycho!). I also think you including a template of TikTok’s platform was very helpful.

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