semester reflection

This semester I feel like a learned a variety of things due to the multitude of different assignment types that I got to work on. I feel like this class was somewhat similar to the Intro to Digital Studies and Digital Approaches to Fine Arts I have taken before, however, I feel like I have… Continue reading semester reflection

reading the pictures

While I initially thought that Roger Ebert’s How to Read a Movie seemed intimidatingly long from the scroll bar (it turns out it just had a vast comment section), it turned out to be a short summary that comprehensively covered the basics. Overall this article puts a huge emphasis on how the left side of… Continue reading reading the pictures

photo safari reflection

My photo safari took place in (and outside of) Micheals. Though there are absolutely more visually appealing places for a photo safari, it was the most ideal place that I already happened to be visiting. I started the challenge at 5:06 and ended a minute late at 5:22. I was able to complete almost everything… Continue reading photo safari reflection

visual literacy

After watching this week’s lecture, I set out to learn more. I read some tips on being a better photographer, which should be helpful when I embark on my photo safari. Becoming a Better Photographer was a bit repetitive as it went over a lot of the same content as the weekly assignment posting, with… Continue reading visual literacy