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While rhythm is often associated with a comprehensive and uniform pattern, in this case, there is more of an emphasis on similar textures and shapes. The decorative art by Sharon Elphick for IKEA is also created so that it can be hung from any side, both horizontal and vertical.



While stylized typography is not always functional (especially when paired with a bright background) I think it is successful in this case, as it is not overwhelming. Additionally, its roundness serves a stylistic functionality as it depicts the roundness and chewiness typically associated with mochi, one of the main ingredients.

minimalism & use of space

Minimalism & Use of Space

Though it is uncommon for most cutting boards to have any decorative design in the form of a pattern, this one, made of back painted glass, has a relatively minimalist design in that it can easily blend in with a counter space without feeling too crowded or overwhelming. In the case of my white countertops, it adds something to the space in a cohesive way, not exactly matching, but also not standing out too much.



While the Kikkoman soy sauce bottle is iconic in shape for various reasons, the use of color on this particular Hello Kitty version is successful in demonstrating the difference between it and the regular version of the product. Furthermore, it successfully combines the box and bottle packaging from its predecessor:

Hello Kitty Soy Sauce Selling For Big Bucks | Hello kitty, Kikkoman, Kitty


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