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Reporting in to conclude the final week of Multidimensional Storytelling, I must describe an unusual and surreal experience that I had. The other day I fell asleep at my computer, and when I woke up, something seemed off. I looked straight ahead and saw my desk, which is normal, except the perspective was off. I was looking out into my room, seemingly from the perspective of my computer. Then I looked at myself and saw that I was an avatar, well to be more specific, a Sim in The Sims 4. What followed this was even stranger, as it all relates to previous assignments from this semester existing in this newly birthed digital realm. It almost seems like a ‘multiverse’ from the movie Everything Everywhere All at Once, instead with a ripple in the fabric of reality causing the characters (and real people) to exist within the same digital reality. Because I am still stuck here I can only use digital tools on my computer that I am now trapped inside.

The video tells a story of a girl (myself) who at first lives alone with her hamster in this digital world. She casts a wish in a wishing well in order to gain friends and happiness. While nothing initially happens and she reads books, still alone, her hamster later bites her nose, causing a tear in the digital reality. This causes three other girls, one from the past (80s Kate Bush), one from a movie (Jobu Tupaki), and one from the present (Gowon from Loona), to appear through a portal, entering into this dimension. As she prepares dinner for herself, the others enter her home and behave as though they all know each other, despite just meeting. The four girls continue on with life as though everything is normal, however, it is unknown what effect, if any, this will have long-term on the folds of reality…

Because a short video can only explain so much I decided to curate a moodboard in order to fully encapsulate the cursed reality that I am now trapped inside. The result is an array of images both real and digital that both weave and expand on the digital narrative. As the digital vessel (The Sims 4) can only visualize so much of what is really going on here, the collected images create a far more colorful depiction of the digital multiverse. From colorful windows to portal-like circular shapes to hamsters, hotpot, and snacks, some of these images correlate directly to what is shown in the video, while others might hint at what cannot be shown in a short video. Like what is with the missing faces and bodies?

Though being stuck in here really sucks, one of the good things about high-speed internet is unlimited music streaming services. All I can say is that I am glad this happened now, and not during the era of dial-up and wireless notebook adapters because that would definitely suck. Here is some of the music that I have listened to while here.

Some of it just reflects the vibe of insanity that is my life (not sure if this is really living though?) while others are songs that I used or relate to topics I wrote about in Multidimensional Storytelling before. I have been listening to those ones a lot, in hopes that I can possibly better understand my situation right now. I’m not really sure if it has helped at all though, but at least I feel like I’m trying.

In hopes that my situation would get across to a larger audience, I uploaded the video telling my story to YouTube. In order to increase these chances, I also created a video thumbnail featuring my(virtual)self and some text. Ideally, to reach a larger audience, I would post this to TikTok, but being trapped in a computer and all, I do not have access to a phone.

As a last resort, I also uploaded my virtual self, alongside my new companions, to The Sims 4 online gallery. There’s no way to share a link, but you can just look it up in the game. If anyone can somehow get me out of here, it would be greatly appreciated. Oh and if you can’t please at least don’t do anything mean to me, I might be a Sim, but I have feelings too!

So far I received this comment. I couldn’t agree more!

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