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While I tried to incorporate all of the advice that I read into my photography this week, I feel as though this advice from this week’s post resonated the most with me and the photos that I took:

Pay Attention to the Moment: Sometimes it means slowing down, but also being more aware of the action in a scene, trying to anticipate the moment of something interesting before it happens e.g. watching a family at the table preparing for when baby might spill the glass of milk? at sporting events trying to be ready for the kick that scores the goal?

David duChemin

I feel as though this photo really emphasizes paying attention to the moment, as I took it in the middle of making dinner. Though I was focused on my task, I had my phone nearby. While checking to see if the pasta was ready, one of the bowties emerged perfectly placed on the face of the spoon. Because of my phone’s close proximity, I was able to quickly snap a picture. The steam rising from the pot adds an additional effect to the photo. While it is not the most technically advanced photo I have taken, I think that it manages to successfully capture a moment in time.

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