ranking every round of queendom 2

While I am not a huge fan of kpop or many tv-shows, I recently finished watching Queendom 2, a reality survival show featuring popular female kpop artists competing in a comeback battle. Though I am mostly a casual listener of kpop, I have been a huge fan of the girl group LOONA, (check out the video I made for an assignment last week) who happened to be competing on the show. Despite winning every category in the final round, they still didn’t win the show. This was due to being unable to compete in the first round because the members tested positive for covid.

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Regardless, I really enjoyed the experience of watching the show overall, from waking up at 8 AM to watch it live, to voting online each round. Another thing that I enjoyed was watching videos made by different people on YouTube ranking each round or all of the performances from every round. I thought to myself “I would totally make one of these”. So when thinking about what assignments to do this week, I kept that in mind. Because there wasn’t one that fit the idea, I made my own assignment.

Overall, this assignment took way longer than expected, probably the most amount of time that I have spent on an assignment for the class. I think that if I had a better idea of what I was doing going in, it could have been done in a shorter amount of time. If I were to change anything I did, I would cut the clips down shorter, in addition to changing how the text looked.


I downloaded all 36 videos using this website and then trimmed them using Premiere Rush. I then created the intro, transition, and ending slides in Canva (mainly for the typewriter effect) and added sound effects. I then downloaded these and added them in between each clip. Finally, I added text to each clip to explain my ranking. I touched a few things up in Premiere Pro that I couldn’t do in rush. This is all easier said than done because the timings and effects took forever to do. If I were to do this again I would just stick to one program instead of three. I also quickly created a thumbnail in Photoshop:

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