sassy shippo (gif assignment i)

Shippo was a hamster close to me that recently passed away earlier in the month. While sad, he lived an incredibly long life for a hamster, of over two and a half years. While all pets can be sassy at times, it is probably one of the best words to describe him. From the first moment that I saw him at the pet store, he was incredibly sassy, which is honestly what made me fall in love with him. Besides being sassy, one of Shippo’s favorite foods to eat was mealworms, as you can see in the GIF. Personally, I’m not a fan, but he also liked cheese and pumpkin and sunflower seeds which are definitely a bit more palatable in my opinion.

In order to GIF my sassy animal, I followed this simple tutorial on the Adobe website in order to create it in Photoshop. I have done this method in the past, but it has been a minute, so I needed a quick refresher to make sure I did all the steps correctly.

If you want to see more of Shippo, check this video out:

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