semester reflection

This semester I feel like a learned a variety of things due to the multitude of different assignment types that I got to work on. I feel like this class was somewhat similar to the Intro to Digital Studies and Digital Approaches to Fine Arts I have taken before, however, I feel like I have done more in these five short weeks than both of those classes combined. This could just be biased due to the more condensed format, but I feel as though I have collectively created more artifacts within this class. I also felt that I had a lot more freedom to choose what I wanted to do in most contexts.

It is really hard to pick a single assignment I was most excited about, but if I really had to narrow things down, I would go with the ranking video I made last week, especially considering the fact that I came up with the assignment prompt and the time that I spent on it.

An assignment that I would definitely do-over (or just not do), would be the cover mashup because I absolutely hate how it came out.

I think that if I were to take this class over, I would have put more of an emphasis on the storytelling aspect because I feel like became so immersed in the creation of different media and often neglected it.

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