the color of umbrellas (design assignment v)

Though I have only completed four of the five required design assignments, I have already collected 14.5 stars, which is more than the necessary 12. After my long journey, it is given that I now chose an easy quest. I sort by rating and go to the last page. Intrigued by the unusual picture attached, I click on The Color of Words. I am supposed to enter something that I think will result in generating interesting colors. I type in a word (it’s a secret) and close my eyes. I look up and open them, immediately seeing floating umbrellas in a strangely textured sky.

“I’ve definitely seen this before…” I think to myself, “I wonder where I am though?” I take out my phone and Google “floating umbrellas”. I soon learn that I am in Puerto Rico, at the Calle de la Fortaleza (Umbrella Street). I sigh because while I would otherwise love to visit Puerto Pico, I need to figure out how to get home to complete the quest, as time is already running out.

Though I do not advise anyone to take this path, no tutorial is needed, simply click the link above to begin your journey. I am afraid that I cannot provide the keyword I used (for your own safety) though you may feel free to take any guesses.

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