visual assignment i: draw it.

For the Draw It. two-star visual assignment, I chose to use a picture of my hamster Gilliam as after looking through my photo library, I thought it would be a good option due to its simplicity and centered main subject. In the picture, Gilliam sits inside his coconut house, with his front paws resting outside the entrance.

I have had Gilliam for close to a year and a half now. During this time, we have grown closer together. When I first got him, he was incredibly shy and skittish and did not like to be picked up. Since then, he has become a lot more friendly, one thing that has remained the same is how much he enjoys sitting in his coconut house.

Here is the original photo:

Looking closely, you can see my reflection.

Here is the final “drawing”:

Looks like my reflection is gone!

If you are wondering how I got these results, I will explain. First I imported the photo into Adobe Illustrator. Photoshop also offers the same options, however, I chose to use Illustrator because it was the first recommended option on my computer. After importing it, I adjusted the artboard so that it was the same size as the picture, which is important so that everything is included. Then I opened the “Effect Gallery” under the “Effect” tab and tried out some of the available options. I ended up going with the “Cutout” effect as I thought it worked well will the photo I chose. You may be satisfied with the default effect settings, or like me, you may want to fiddle with some of the sliders until you are satisfied with how it looks.

I think that while my end results do not appear as a traditional black & white pencil drawing, the photo now does resemble a piece of art at least somewhat convincingly.

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