visual assignment ii: 256 points

For my second visual assignment, I chose 265 Points (3 1/2 stars) as I love the idea of creating pixel art. Though it is something that I have done before, I have never been limited to 16×16, which (I soon learned) can be a bit of a challenge. I immediately thought to create pixel art of Hamtaro, as he is intricate enough, but not too overly complex.


Hamtaro is a male hamster who is the titular main character of the Hamtaro franchise. He is very happy and energetic and spends his days having fun and helping out his other hamster friends.

Original Hamtaro book

While looking for a video to include, I found footage of an episode that predates the animated series from the early 2000s and looks more in the style of the original book.

I used the website which is a free online tool to create pixel art. Though the site is very self-explanatory, a tutorial is provided for new users. Though I intended to create Hamtaro’s entire body, due to the pixel limitations, I ended up only creating his face. Despite this, I think I still did a good job in representing the subject.

Pixel art Hamtaro

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