visual assignment iii: chimeratic composition

The first thing that came to mind when starting this assignment was to put a giant moth on a tall building since that would never happen in real life, right? I also initially planned on adding flames at the bottom, but I ended up adding two moons to the sky.

Here are the pictures I used, all courtesy of the Wikimedia Commons:

Here is the end result:

The story behind this photo should obviously be that the giant moth came from the second moon to terrorize Earth. For whatever reason, it chose the Cathedral of Learning in Pittsburgh as its first victim.

Here are the steps that I took to chimerize these photos:

The first step is to import all of your photos into Photoshop. You can also use Gimp as a free option.

With the exception of the photo you are using as your background, you will need to remove the background from all of your photos. I used the quick selection tool and then copied the images into the background layer. Repeat this will all of your photos until you are done. After this, you can use the transform option to rotate and resize if needed. Also optional, but you can use a variety of blending tools for different effects on each layer.

Once you have your completed image, you can export it.

After this, you can add a filter in Lightroom which is what I did, or you can leave it as is.


The first time I exported my image from Photoshop, it for some reason looked like this. I have never had this happen before, but luckily it did not happen the second time.


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