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After watching this week’s lecture, I set out to learn more. I read some tips on being a better photographer, which should be helpful when I embark on my photo safari. Becoming a Better Photographer was a bit repetitive as it went over a lot of the same content as the weekly assignment posting, with some bonus content. It was fascinating to read about Dorothea Lange and the story behind the infamous photo Migrant Mother. While I have seen this photo before, I was unfamiliar with the person who took it and the story behind it.

Migrant Mother

For me personally, the most informative piece of content was What is Visual Literacy? by Brian Kennedy, the director of the Toledo Museum of Art. Though I would consider myself to be someone that is visually literate, I feel as though I still learned a lot from this lecture.

Here are some of my key takeaways:

Though printing is largely considered to be one of the largest human advancements, I have never thought to compare it to cuneiform writing or even digital images.
This is basically a cheat sheet for analyzing visual elements.
The 6 approaches to visual literacy.

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