week 1 midweek

My work so far:

(yes, I spelled listening wrong… oops!)
my multimodal introductions are all here


Other than a delay due to issues with Canvas, I felt as though everything went smoothly, I did well completing them and I also had no issues doing so. The biggest problem I faced was that the captcha when signing up for Flickr did not work, but I was able to resolve this by using another browser. For other social media sites that I do already use, I decided to create new accounts dedicated to the course, with the exception of YouTube. This is in order to allow for uniformity and for all content to remain focused on this course. Similarly, I chose to do similar on my domain by creating a subdomain. I have done this in the past for courses that require blogging, and in addition, I am currently working on making my main website an online portfolio to showcase my work, making this system more important. Though I use Elementor for my main site, I decided to use the default WordPress theme from last year after looking at several other options, as I enjoy its simplicity and the structure and function of its customization features. The customization of my subdomain will likely expand over the duration of the course.

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