week 2 summary

This week I had more time to complete things, so I worked harder on individual assignments. I tried to emphasize more digital storytelling elements by including more images, videos, and links within my posts, which I think is a vast improvement last week! It was interesting to read about Vignelli and his many accomplishments in and outside of graphic design. I always enjoy learning about the people behind things that I have seen so many times.

Poster, Knoll International | Objects | Collection of Cooper Hewitt,  Smithsonian Design Museum
Poster by Massimo Vignelli

While last week’s photo safari was fast-paced and a bit overwhelming, the design blitz, while slower-paced, was honestly more challenging in that I felt like I had to think a lot more about what I was capturing. Additionally, because a lot of elements can overlap, I had to consider which one was the most appropriate and best represented in each object.

Probably my favorite thing that I designed this week was the Drive My Car VHS cover. While it was the first of the design assignments I have done, I spent the most time on it and liked the outcome the best. I had fun with the required Are we there yet? assignment and the movie book cover assignment though I spent less time on those. I also really enjoyed the website logo assignment, and I felt like it was the most practical as I can use it for my blog page.

I will be completely honest in saying that I only chose the color of words assignment because it seemed the most interesting of the lower star assignments and I had already passed the 12-star minimum in four assignments. That being said, I thought the outcome was really interesting, and the tool was really fun to explore. Making GIFs was also enjoyable but stood out to me less as I have made them before for multiple classes and for fun. I definitely think that there is something to be said about the resurgence in popularity of the format, as GIFs hold a strong association with being a holdover old web, but current SNS have (newly) added support for them in recent years, even creating built-in libraries.

Dancing on the remains of old web GIFs

As for Daily Creates, I feel as though the ones I did last week stood out more, but I think that mainly has to do with the fact that I did only 2 this week, as opposed to 3 last week.

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(I am including these as screenshots so that they can be seen even while they are pending approval)

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