week 3 summary

While I definitely enjoyed what I created this week, I feel like it was more of a challenge. This is partly due to me having fewer skills when it comes to audio production and such, especially when it comes to music. On the other hand, I have some experience editing (non-music) sound and videos, so I found that a lot easier. The first assignment I did was probably the most frustrating because it was solely based on editing music, more specifically two versions of the same song edited together. Seeing many song mashups over the years, I figured that this couldn’t be too hard, especially given that they were basically the same song. Boy, was I wrong, as it was in fact very difficult! I think that unless the cover was a karaoke version, it is actually quite a lot of work.

Moving on to the last assignment that I did, the no music music video (which I honestly had the most fun doing) took me probably the most time of any assignments for this class thus far. Ironically, I did it because I felt the most comfortable doing it with only .5 of a star left, so considering it took me so long, I am glad I had fun with it. I also had a great time with the music video remix assignment, which took considerably less time but I still feel the outcome was great.

I will be honest and admit that I was somewhat nervous going into this week’s required assignment, as I am not a fan of recording my own voice, and I also don’t like having to listen to it over again. I am saying this partially due to the internship I had in the spring where I had to do this. It made me feel burnt out from doing something I already disliked. That being said, my practice must have paid off, because I was able to record the several-minute recording in one take (?!) with basically no mistakes, which honestly was a shock. All I had to do in post was edit out my breathing between sentences, which isn’t really something that is required.

The first assignment that I knew I wanted to do, the mixtape, ended up being the last one that I actually did. This was mainly due to some of the contemplation that I felt I needed to do in order to curate it. Because I am not the strongest when it comes to editing/remixing music, I decided to make the tape more of a compilation/playlist type of mixtape, centering around a topic and theme. I like that I was able to connect it to my remixed music video assignment because it features the same song that I used, and is also inspired by Animal Crossing. Being heavily influenced by nostalgia, both in medium and reflection towards my high school (and pandemic lockdown) days of playing Animal Crossing, I wanted to upload the mix to 8tracks, which I was surprised to find still exists. However, with time comes change, and 8tracks has changed because it seems like you can no longer upload copyrighted music to the platform anymore. Regardless, I stuck with the “8 track” format, which ended up being just under 30 minutes, the perfect time for a mixtape.

I think one of the predominant overarching themes this week was how copyright functions online, and how that has changed over time. I had to upload my music video remix to Vimeo due to a few seconds of the video (although it is all from the same movie) being flagged on YouTube. However, I was able to upload an entire music video to Youtube without any visual changes. The entire video was flagged but it was fine as long as the owner ran ads on it. I also couldn’t upload my cover mashup to SoundCloud due to the audio, but it was again fine on YouTube with advertisements.

Reflections: 1, 2, 3

Sound Assignments: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

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