week 4 summary

This week was simultaneously more intensive and more laid back. While the number of assignments was lower overall, many of them were more intensive. I feel like everything we have learned thus far has culminated in preparation for this week. I feel like I learned a lot from Robert Eberts’s article, and have a better understanding of how to visually understand films. Without reading this, I don’ think I would have been able to break down the movie scene in the way that I did. I spent the most time on any single assignment this week. Though I liked a lot of the music video assignments that were options for this week, I already created an (anime) music video for animal crossing last week, so I felt like this would be too similar overall. Partially because of this, and also because I had an idea in mind of what I wanted to do, I decided to create my own assignment. Had I known how easy this was to do, I probably would have made some earlier in the class. I think it was a good idea, so I am glad I contributed it.

I also had fun creating a TikTok of my hamster Gilliam. Instead of just making a funny video, I wanted to add some artistic value, which turned out pretty well.


he’s worth billions to me 🫶 @Caroline Polachek #hamster #hamstertok

♬ Billions – Caroline Polachek


reading the pictures

look, listen, analyze: (léon) the professional


billions of gilliam (three stars)

ranking every round of queendom 2 (five stars)

Daily Creates


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